Finding Momoland was a 2016 reality show on Mnet where Duble Kick Entertainment's new girl group Momoland was formed. Seven trainees would be chosen to debut as Momoland in November 2016. The show originally pit ten trainees against eachother to secure their spot in the group. It aired from July 22, 2016 until September 16, 2016 spanning a total of 10 episodes.

The show was similar to that of SIXTEEN by JYP Entertainment, Finding Momoland contestants had to showcase their talents in a range of requirments such as singing, dancing and charisma.


  • Hyebin
  • Yeonwoo
  • Jane
  • Nayun
  • JooE
  • Ahin
  • Nancy
  • Heejae
  • Daisy
  • Shinsia

Heejae, Daisy and Shinsia did not win the competition and thus didn't debut alongside the seven other girls of Momoland in November 2016. However, in March 2017 Daisy was brought back to be added to the group despite her elimination.

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